Ratul Soumya Tripathi

Masters in Mass communication, Awarded for short-film, former theater artist and Editor/vfx/voiceover artist

are here to deliver high-quality corporate and business professional videos which are clear and effective, the solution is more than just video production…we listen, conduct research, coach, write, design motion graphics & animation, shoot, edit and provide all video services to effectively present yourself. From quick, effective advertising videos to extensively planned corporate video communications, LIFE GURU MOVIES  is a trusted partner to many, high-profile organizations. Its Video creativity is the quickest way to present yourself, products and professional services and used by corporations and business professionals interested in consistently promoting services, products, locations, sales professionals and franchisees. Simple, effective & affordable. If your corporate video production requires capturing unique visual elements on-location, our professional directors, crew and lighting equipment will meet & surpass your specifications! After producing your video with sophisticated editing, motion graphics & animation talents

Life Guru Movies exists to make its’ clients better known, better regarded and more successful. So are you ready to take your business or product to the next level ?

Why Life Guru Movies

You need more than a monkey with a camera. You need a production partner that can help you fine-tune a message, offer helpful recommendations, take responsibility for and coordinate your project from start to finish. You want to break new ground with your video, and leave boring clichés dead on the side of the road. And so we come to you!