We are the coordinator for your diffrents production needs.

Having our good business coordination will allow you to have the right people doing the right jobs so your business can thrive.

So call us for what you need for your production

So why you need us?

Here is the answer

We Provide Point of Contact

A coordinator is the central figure of a Event, Production,Ceremony disseminating  information and updates to the  team, leaders and project customer, which decreases confusion and increases accuracy.

  • We Increase Efficiency
  • We Control Scope
  • We Manage Costs
  • We Manage Time
  • We Schedule the Work
  • We Deal with Potential Risks

Service we provide

  • Artist Coordination
  • Model Coordination Service
  • Ad-Shoot Coordination Service
  • Celebrity Management
  • Production Equipments
  • Dress
  • Location
  • Sound Recording                                

Services offered for businesses, events & art affectionados:

Art exhibit management/development and facilitation of art programs and exhibits
Art direction & exhibit/event management
Art consulting for collectors
Lectures and workshops (i.e. select topics in art history K-12, art theory, the art of exhibiting)

Services offered for ARTISTS:

Exhibit placement at an ARTe Gallery or other venue.
Consulting: confused about pricing? want to know how to get your work out into the world? ARTe works one-one with artists to help them obtain their goals!
Marketing: promotion of your exhibits, events and art.
Exhibit management, curating, installation, removal, pricing, etc