What happened when I called a photographer at my wedding venue?

What happened when I called a photographer at my wedding venue?

Your wedding date is fixed and the D-Day is round the corner. You have booked city’s best caterer, called the finest decorators, brought your wedding dress from the top-notch designer showroom, actually you are almost done with all the important preparations for the wedding.But what about the Pre wedding photography shoot? Who is going to capture all those moments when you are busy with your newly wedded partner on your wedding day.

Have you called the best photo video services in Lucknow? Or like so many others you have overlooked the expertise of a professional photographerand didn’t hire anyone yet?

If your answer is yes, then trust me you are about to commit the deadliest mistake of your life, which will make you regret all your life. Here I’m listing couple of solid reasons which will make you ponder over your mistake and teach you some interesting facts and will make you awareaboutwhat can actually happen if you don’t call a Wedding photographer to shoot your wedding!

It’s your day& it’s over loaded withmemories –You have been counting the days till the wedding day actually arrives. Professionals have come smartly dressed and are loaded with experiences from previous wedding shoots and have so much to share with you. They are dedicated towards work & equally excited. The best thing is they are artist and they how to make things presentable and appealing

Don’t expect professionalism from your friend or aunty? A professional photographer is dedicated towards capturing every single moment because this is his work and this is what he is paid for. But how can you be so sure that your friend will not get busy in enjoying or giggling with your female guests at some point of time in the entire ceremony. They are also keen to enjoy the day with you & you can’t blame them if they miss to capture any emotional moment or lose some randomly clicked pics.

You don’t want to get upset after looking @ cinematic work –There are number of times when you will hear complaints about the quality of pictures clicked, important moments missed, interesting conversations not recorded properly. This happens when people tend to overlook the efforts a professional photographer puts in shooting the entire wedding.

Best things are not free in life –Professionals do not over charge you and theirbest wedding packages are alwaysmade keeping your budget in mind. But if they have asked you for an amount then trust me it’s not out of greed but it’s the result of lengthy thought process. There are so many factors which affects the shoot expenses like experience, wedding location, studio expenses, time spent in conceptualizing, photographing, editing and more…

Experience counts in emergencies –Wedding photographer is not an amateur, so they come prepared for emergencies. You don’t need to stress up if your friend drops their camera out of nervousness. They come fully prepared and carry extra lenses, batteries and are loaded with other back-ups.

Equally excited & has so much to offer –It’s the photographer that spends lot of time with the couple from pre wedding shoot to the last day ceremony shoot everything. They spend hours in understanding flow of the day and it’s the photographer which presents everything in sequence in front of you.

They will make you fall in love with you –There is so much going inside you. You are crying, blubbering, laughing, sitting next to your new spouse, receiving blessings from guests and even tensed @ some moments. But when you are done with all the ceremonies and when you will sit along with all your family members, friends and guests to revive those beautiful moments clicked by the camera. You will be amazed to see the stunning picture of yours& beauty of your wedding captured.

This blog has been written to highlight couple of best things about hiring a wedding photographer which you cannot afford to ignore.

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Written by – Huma Fatima



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