These are The Top Short Film Festivals in India – Festival Guide

These are The Top Short Film Festivals in India – Festival Guide

Find here the list of Top Film Festivals in India that accepting short Film Submission. So, you produced a short film, now what next?  Submitting that to any best short film festival- that you can do! Here, ours this list comprises India’s best short film festivals submission details, deadline, submission fees and the festival info.

  1. Mumbai Film Festival

Mumbai Festival is acclaimed as country’s largest film festival since its inception. The film festival was organized by late Hrishikesh Mukherjee on behalf of the Mumbai Academy of Moving Image. Every year, the festival held from October 18 to 25, 2012 at Mumbai, India.

Film Festival submission Announcement: 1st Week of May

Early Deadline: August 10, (Current year)

Film Submission Link:

Fee: No Fee Film Festival

  1. Mumbai International Film Festival

Founded in 1990, the festival was organized by the Film Division of India. The festival stands as a best showcasing platform to promote the independent film movement.  According to their officials, every year they have been receiving film entries from 40-50 countries in the categories of short film, feature film and documentary film.

First announcement: On 20th day August Every Year

Film Submission Link;

Early Deadline: October 15, (Current Year)

Submission Fee: Rs 1000/-


  1. Dharamshala International Film Festival(DIFF)

Dharamshala International Film Festival (DIFF) is one of the recently launched Film Festival, but charted among one of the best film festivals in India. The festival was founded by filmmaker couples Ritu Sarin and Tenzing Sonam on November 2012. Unlike the usual metro oriented Indian film festival, DIFF conducts its festival secessions in a tranquil place at the kangara of Himachal Pradesh. Every year, the festival held in the month of November.

First Announcement:  First week Of September.

Film Submission Link:

Early Deadline:  October Second week

Submission Fee: N/A, Contact the festival rep

  1. International Documentary and Short film festival of Kerala (IDSFFK)

Very proudly, we can say that IDSFFK is one among the best short film festival in India. The programme was organized by Government of Kerala: It gives the filmmakers a chance for premiering short films, Documentaries, Music Albums and Campus Films In front of die hard film fans. The selection procedure to this film festival is bit rigorous, the panel members include Indian as well as international Film personas, and they select films purely on the basis of content quality.

Festival date: 26th June To 30th June

First Announcement: 1st Week Of February

Early Deadline: 30th April (Current year)

Submission Fee: No Fee Film Festival

  1. Bangalore International short Film Festival

The Bangalore international short film festival is acclaimed as a leading short film festival in S. India. The festival was organized by the Suchitra film Society in 2011. Along with the film festival, also they conducts filmmaking workshop and organizes open panel discussions with the Invited filmmakers.

First Announcement: March 1, Current year

Early Deadline: 31st day of March (Current Year )

Submission Fee: $ 10 USD To $15 USD

Submission Link:

  1. Jaipur International Short Film Festival

Founded on 2009 by Honu Roj, It stood as a best platform for showcasing the film to the global community. Since its beginning to now, without taking any off, the festival held annually from 2-6 January at Jaipur, India.

First Announcement: 1st April, Current year

Early Deadline: 10th of October, Current Year

Submission Fee: Rs 1500/-

Submission Link:

Jaipur Film Festival India


  1. Signs International Film Festival

Signs Film festival, held on every year on the month end of Mar at Kochi, India: FFSI (Federation of Film Societies of India) Keralam, is the programme founder of signs Film Festival.

First Announcement: First Or Second week ofJune

Early Deadline: 15th September Every year (Changes  might happen)

Submission Fee: No Fee Film Festival, Contact Rep

Submission Link:

  1. VIBJYOR international film festival Kerala

One of the prestigious Kerala based short film festival that you can completely trust for submitting your short film. The festival website says that it is a real time platform for the alternative film movement. The 6 day long  (16th -21 Feb) film festival will be held in Thrissur, Kerala will showcase  feature films, short films and documentaries.

First Announcement: First Or Second week of August

Early Deadline: 10th  day of December

Submission Fee: INR 300 for Indian Film and $300 For foreign film

Submission Link:

  1. Gujarat International Film Festival

The Gujarat International Film festival was sponsored by Academy of Cultural Activities & Arts Institute, a non-profit organization based in Gujarat purposed to give opportunities to suffering talents In the areas of Filmmaking, art , Literature and Music.  The festival held on every year July at Surat, Gujarat. Submissions can only made through offline, visit their website for more details.

First Announcement: Second week of March

Early Deadline: 1st week of June (Contact rep)

Submission Fee:  Rs 2000 For Indian Films, $50 USD for foreign Films

Submission Link: Visit website>

  1. International Film Festival of India (IIFI)

This is the official film Festival of India, organized by the Ministry Of broadcasting, Govt Of India. Annually, the festival held on November at Goa, India.  IFFI accepts the films in the Short, Documentary and feature film genres.

First Announcement: Second week of july

Early Deadline: 1st week of June (Contact rep)

Submission Fee:  Rs 1500/-

Submission Link: Visit website>

External Link: International Film Festival Of India 

  1. Navi Mumbai International short Film Festival (NMIFF)

This is a just launched film festival, has proved its potentiality in its beginning section itself. The Navi Mumbai International short Film Festival was founded by Sachin Khanna in 2014. The festival accepts the film entries through online or offline mode. See in their official website for further details

First Announcement: Second week of Jan

Early Deadline: 31ST Day of March (Usually)

Submission Fee:  Rs 800 to Rs 3000

Submission Link: Visit website>


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